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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Software Installation

Can I download the software?

Yes you can download the Alerion software. Here is a link to the Alerion Installation Guide - Alerion Install Instructions

How do I change servers?

You can change the computer that houses your Alerion database (server). Here is a link to changing servers - Changing Servers

How do I get Alerion running on a new computer (single user)?

Your computer may have quite working or you want to upgrade for more speed. Here is a link on how to move your Alerion and database to a new computer - New Computer (single user)

Computer Configuration

How do I set my computer's power options for Alerion?

There are some power settings you want to set so that your computer does not go to sleep or so that your computer does not turn off your network card. Here is a link for power settings - Power Options

Error Conditions

Error Connecting To Your SQL Server

Sometimes the Microsoft SQL Server does not restart after an upgrade. Here is a walkthrough on how to check if your SQL Server service is running and how to start it if need be - Error Connecting To SQL Server

Software Configuration

When I add a merchandise item in XMT it defaults with store zero.

Alerion XMT was designed to have a warehouse where items were shipped, processed and sent to each location. The warehouse is store zero. You can change the default store number when adding merchandise in Alerion XMT. See here for instructions - Merchandise Default Store Number

Software Use

Can I email a receipt to a customer?

Yes! In version, a feature was introduced to email customers their receipt. The feature uses our emailing system to send the mails - Emailing Receipts

How do I create a simple filter?

You can create a simple filter to limit what shows on a report. For example, you may want to see merchandise from a specific department, or you want to see rental items from the Action category. Here is a link that will show you how to set a simple filter - Simple Filter

How can I filter a report or change it's sort order?

Many of the reports in Alerion POS and XMT can be filtered and have their sort order changed. Only an handful are hard-coded with specific filters or sort orders. Here is a link that will show you how to set filters that limit what shows on a report and how to change the sort order - Filters and Sort Orders

How can I give a customer a free rental to use in the future?

Alerion can handle this situation by using the rewards system and issuing a free rental on the customers account for later use. Here is a link that will show you how to setup the free rental in the rewards system, how to issue a free rental, and how to redeem the free rental - Issue Free Rental

I would like to do subscription plans for rentals.

Alerion does not have an official subscription plan feature. However, several retailers have a work around that works pretty well. See here for details - Subscription Plans

I would like to see a title's daily performance in and out.

Alerion XMT has the ability to give you daily stats on a title's rental percentage (In verses Out). - See here for details on setting this up - Title In / Out

My business is closed on a specific day. How do I put that into Alerion?

You can set which days your business will be closed in Alerion. This will automatically adjust the due dates on rentals and no late fees will be assessed on the closed date. See here for details on setting this up - Holiday Closed Dates

Hardware Intefaces

Optimus Portable Data Collection

This document will show you how to install, setup, and use the Optimus Data Collector. Optimus Data Collector