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Happy Retailers Know

So why are there so many happy retailers using Alerion?

These retailers are getting the information they need from Alerion to make informed business decisions. They are getting key information on their rental products, merchandise, and revenue sources to make adjustments in what they buy, how they staff, and how they display their products

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Retailers using Alerion have peace of mind knowing that the software product has been built on a reliable platform and that our development staff continues to improve the product through free upgrades.

Access to Experts
Access to experts
What really puts a smile on a retailers face is when they can talk to an expert about Alerion. The people that developed Alerion are the ones helping the retailers, not some mass support company out of India.

Quick Training
Quick training
What really makes retailers happy is the low cost to get Alerion working in their business. For less than a dollar a day, you can get a single user version of Alerion. The answer is clear why video store owners and retail merchants are happy about their decision to go with Alerion. Become of the successful retailers that use Alerion in their business.