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Video Rental Business

Video Rental Business

If there is one industry that needs a software application that will reduce the workload, be easy-to-use, and is reasonably priced, it's the video rental industry. Here at Phoenix Information Systems, creating video store software has been a cornerstone of our business since 1991. By getting involved with our video store owners, we are able to create a video rental software product that delivers benefits that ultimately helps the video rental retailer achieve their goals and dreams. For who knows best what they need in a software application than the person using it.

Benefiting From Video Store Software

Some video store retailers have told me that it doesn't matter what video rental software they use in their store, because it doesn't make that much of a difference. They could not be further from the truth. The video rental software application you use in your video store can help you make it or break it in the industry.

How can a single video rental software product have that much impact?

That is a very good question and one I will answer for you. Video store software is more than a product that rents and returns your DVDs, BluRays, and games. It is at the very center of your business; nearly everything you do in your video store revolves around your video rental software. Whether you are working with customers or analyzing the data to make adjustments to your business, it's the software that will end up helping or hindering you.

With so much at stake, you want a product that will benefit you and help you achieve your goals. You want benefits like: saving time, reducing waste, increased security, peace of mind, reduce costs, improved analysis tools, and increased profits.

You have the opportunity to put such a video rental software to work for you. It's called Alerion Point-of-Sale and Video Store software.

Why Do You Need Such a Product?

The video rental business is not as easy to operate in the black as it once was. Back in the day, you could throw down some movies on the floor and people would flock to your video store to rent everything you had. I hate to say it, but we both realize those days have been long over. In fact, without the right tools in place, keeping the doors open is a struggle, let alone trying to make a descent personal income.

One of the reasons its harder to run a video store is the number of other media sources (Netflix, RedBox, On Demand). With more choices on how to rent a movie, you have to stand out and beat them with customer service.

Another reason is that people have more choices when it comes to entertainment, so the dollars for these activities is stretched even thinner. And to make matters worse, people have less money now and the entertainment dollars are competing with necessities like food, rent, and fuel.

So if you are interested in operating in the black and want to make money personally from your business, your software that runs your business is critical. You need an edge to counteract those negative effects I mentioned above so you can realize your video store's full potential.

Finding The Right Software For Your Video Business

While there are many video store software applications out there, most of them are ancient and their company's long gone. Looking for a new video rental software application can be a difficult task and finding a company that is currently developing a video rental application is hard to find. Many of the companies have simply given up, gone out of business, or moved on to other industries.

You are in luck however. Phoenix Information Systems is still creating and upgrading our video store software applications for retailers just like you. We realize that you have a need for video rental software that will help you in your daily activities and help you understand what is going on in your business. Remember, it is the software that is the heart of the business.

Making Money Sounds Straight Forward

Making money sounds straight forward on the surface; earn more money then you payout. But as we know, it is a bit more complicated than that. There are many aspects of your business vying for your attention, stretching and pulling at you in every direction. The problem is that we never have enough time to get everything done. So what suffers in your business due to a lack of time? Marketing to your customers, product research, customer service? Whatever it is you are not getting done, it is probably effecting your bottom line.

Marketing your video rental business Planning your success Video rental business is about service

So with most of us small business owners working with a skeleton crew, how are we supposed to manufacture more time to get more done? I wish I had the answer to manufacturing time, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day and working longer hours does not accomplish as much as you think. In fact, studies show that the longer hours you put in, the more your quality of work diminishes. So if working longer hours is not the key to increasing business what is?

Lucky for you, many business owners before you have sought out something that will help them in their business. They were looking for something that would save the time, provide them better information about their business, and give them tools they could use to increase their profits. Many of them discovered that their current video store software was more of a hindrance to making money than helping them. So looking for a new video rntal software for their business was high on the priority list.

Become a Success Story

Many of video store owners discovered a powerful solution in the Alerion point-of-sale, which is both a video store software and a point-of-sale software all in one. Not only did the software help them towards their goals, the people behind the software was brimming with knowledge from other successful owners. You too could be one of the success stories that use Alerion video store software to help their business grow, beat out their competition (Red Box, Netflix), and free up time to work on higher valued tasks.

Alerion Point-of-Sale Software

Alerion Point-of-Sale and video store software is a Windows based application that utilizes the latest in software development technologies to bring you state-of-the-art tools. You no longer need to settle for old-school applications that have problems running on the latest operating systems and utilizing the latest hardware. You deserve a product that will continue to evolve, you deserve Alerion. Alerion can be deployed as a single-user application, in a local network, or in a WAN with multiple locations. So whether you have a small video store / retail shop downtown or have several video rental stores across the country, you can employ the Alerion video store software to help you in your business.

Take a look at the rich features that will help you in your business - Features .

Alerion has a companion product call Alerion XMT. The XMT stands for eXtended Management Tools. This companion product runs along side of Alerion Point-of-Sale and gives you even more tools to analyze your business.

Video Stores On The Decline

The number of video stores are dwindling and this gives you the opportunity to be the premiere video store in your area. And not just in your immediate area, I mean for many miles. With large video rental chains closing, it's a good time to rethink your video rental business and attract those additional customers.

 We have seen increases as high as 50% from video rental stores across the United States. They contribute this increase to the large video store chains closing. But not just that. They indicated that they reached out to the community to attract those customers to their video store. There are many low cost ways to market to your customers and many that just take some time. Like getting involved with the community events. This good will goes a long way to helping your video rental business.

So while video rental stores are on the decline, this is the best time to increase your revenue by attracting those customers that where shopping at the big chain.

Arm Your Self With Software For Your Business

One of the first tools you should arm yourself with the latest video rental software. The video store software you should be looking at is the Alerion Point-of-Sale and Video Rental software. This video rental program is the latest video store software on the market and employs the latest in technology. With the tools inside the Alerion video store software, you can begin to re-interest your customer base, begin attracting new customers, and increase your video rental business.

Ultimately, it's about personal income and what you can make from your video rental business. We don't go to work each day for nothing. So with the end in mind, personal income, start thinking about the Alerion Point-of-Sale and video rental software, and how we can help you achieve your dreams.