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Computer Technology

The Alerion Point-of-Sale / Video Rental operates on IBM based computers. It is not available for the Apple.

Operating Systems

Alerion will operate on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Single User Environment

A single user is when you have the Alerion software running on a single computer in your business/home.

Multi User Environment

Multi User Environment

A multi user environment is when you have more than one computer in a location running the Alerion software. You designate one of your computers to house the data in a SQL server. This will act as your main computer and will need to be turned on first. All other computers in the location run the Alerion software locally, however, they point to the main computer to send and receive data.

WAN Environment

WAN Environment

WAN stands for wide area network. This type of environment is where you have remote computers or additional locations connecting to your main computer through the Internet.

For example you may want to connect to your store's information from your home computer to perform tasks. Or perhaps you have four locations and you want them to share data amongst the locations.