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Screen Samples -Transaction Overview

Transaction Overview

The transaction window is where your clerks will be processing customer transactions: sales, rentals, deposits, refunds, and shift changes.

Transaction Main Window

Item Detail - This is where you find a list of items on the transaction. You will see the ID number, description, quantity, pricing, and due times for rentals.

Item Detail

A summary of the physical items are displayed at the bottom of the detail listing. Here you will see the number of rental items (check-outs), number if items checked-in, and the number of merchandise items. This can serve as a quick reference to the number of items on the counter and will help insure that each item is entered into the system.

Item Summary

Customer Information - This area contains information about the customer on the transaction and also contains buttons that allow you to search for customers, edit customer information, view inventory out, view A/R items, and add new customers.

Customer Information

Static Functions - These buttons are available to you during the transaction and contain functions like: searching rental product, searching merchandise items, refunds, complete transaction, shift change, login employee, and reprint transaction.

Static Functions

Item Functions - These buttons are available to you when you select an item in the item detail window. The item buttons that appear are based on the type of item.

Item Functions

Status Bar - The status bar shows you your store number, the station number, the (software) seat number, and the clerk that is logged into the system.

Status bar

Payment Information - While this information does not appear on the main transaction window, when you are ready to complete a transaction the payment window appears. From here you enter how the customer is going to pay for the transaction.

Payment Information