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Feature list

Features in the software are the basic building blocks you use every day to help build your business. From conducting transactions, to provide customer service, the software features is where it all begins.

Feature Highlight

  • Merchandise sales
  • Pay at check out rentals
  • Pay at check in rentals (pay on return)
  • Sale of rental product
  • Tax except transactions
  • Refunds Invoice reprint
  • Shift change
  • Cash drawer tracking
  • Hold transactions (for later recall)
  • Place on account
  • Deposits
  • Re-price (override pricing)
  • Quick Discount percentage
  • Batch rental check-ins
  • Apply coupons
  • Viewable customer notes
  • Add and edit customer information on the fly
  • Authorized renters on customer accounts
  • Overdue rental inventory warning
  • Credit card processing
  • Gift card system
  • Full color customer image
  • Electronic signature capture system
  • Customer birthday alert
  • Under 21 (age) alert
  • Expired ID card alert
  • Store credit
  • Customer display system
  • Re-rent items that are checked out
Merchandise Pricing
  • Standard pricing
  • Volume pricing
  • Companion sales
Rental Pricing
  • Pay at check-out
  • Pay at check-in
  • Multiple item discount
  • Multiple day discount
  • Return time grace periods
  • Holiday dates
  • Store closed dates
  • Configurable due times by day
  • Vendor information
  • On hand, reorder point, and restocking level fields
  • Detailed transaction history
  • Ability to link additional items with sale
  • Automatically set volume discounts
  • Group like items into departments
  • Inventory value history
Rental Products
  • Multiple volume tracking
  • Separate rental and sale tax codes
  • Formats, ratings, genre, pricing category
  • Actor list
  • Copy status – in store, damaged, rented, lost, other, sent back, sold, stolen
  •  Life turns and revenue
  •  Ability to see other stores inventory (with central data store)
  • Inventory value history
  • Waiting List
  • Authorized renters
  • Notes
  • File attachments with TWAIN interface
  • Transaction history
  • Life dollars, life invoices, times late, lates voided
  • Maximum rental inventory out
  • Customer images (standard web cam)
  • Email address
  • SMS Address (mobile telephone)
  • Rental title history
  • Previously rented title alert
  • Deposit/Refund history
  • Customer rewards program
  • Discount tiers
Configuration and Utilities
  • Nine individual sales tax rates with three tiers each (A,B,C)
  • Company logo on customer receipt
  • Customizable receipt message
  • Electronic cash drawer support
  • Pole display support
  • Credit card processing – X-Charge, IC-Verify.
  • 40 column receipt printing including full and partial cut codes
  • Page printing for reports (LaserJet, InkJet)
  • Data backup and restore
  • Link multiple locations via Internet
  • Secure SQL data store
  • Remote access to Alerion data store
  • Automatic update availability check
  • Auto ID numbering for customers, mechandise, and rental product
  • Bulletin board employee messaging
  • Employee time clock
  • Rentrak compatible
  • Employees Fingerprint login (with fingerprint unit)
  • Today’s sales summary
  • Customer listing
  • Customer AR listing (money owed you)
  • Merchandise item list
  • Product count sheets (for inventory)
  • Product reorder list
  • Item sold list
  • Rented inventory Overdue inventory
  • Rental copy revenue listing
  • Revenue by day
  • End of day summary listing
  • Export to XML,CSV, and PDF